30 December 2012

Rosie's Christmas

Gus, Meara, Rosie and I had our Skype Christmas on Friday the 21st.  I had good intentions to post the pictures immediately but then I realized that I had 70 of them.  I treasure every one and I have looked at them many times throughout this Christmas week, so to choose a few from so many is hard.  Here are some favorites.

After Skyping Gus, Meara & Rosie went to the vineyard to spend Christmas week with Grandma Mary Ann and Grandpa Mike.  Meara's brother and his family were also visiting which meant there were 3 girls 3 and under for Christmas -- it must have been amazing fun.  I am hoping for more pictures but here are a few.

Rosie and Gus have lunch at her new Rosie-sized table.  

Rosie and Gus open the Putnam's Basket looking for treats.

It has been an exhausting week for Rosie.  She fell asleep on her Dad while taking a walk at the vineyard.

Silly Rosie in wine glasses.

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sophanne said...

She's starting to look so toddler-y and less baby-y!