07 December 2012

The Odd Slides of Reel 6

Reel 6 is the last reel of family slides in existence.  It contains an odd assortment of pictures.  There are quite a few from 1965, a fair number from 1966 ... and then there are photos from one day in August 1972.  I feel completely certain there are no slides to be found for the missing years.  Personally speaking, those missing years  (1967 - 1971) were pretty significant.  I was 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 during those years.  I went from Junior High to High School graduation; I could drink legally (18 in those days); I started college; I voted for the first time; I was a hippie, dressed like one most of the time and participated in peace marches some of the time; I had friends (some since childhood and some I met at college orientation -- they were the first people I had ever met from Long Island),  I worked my first real job (defined as one that provided a real paper pay check); my hair was long and straight and sometimes I had bangs and other times not; I discovered F. Scott Fitzgerald and I have not stopped reading since ... I had breakfast with Arlo Guthrie!  I did stuff and I have no photographic evidence.  I know of some (really very few) print photos from that time but not for every one of the missing years.  In today's world we take pictures every day.  So it's hard to remember (or for the latest generation it is perhaps hard to imagine) that there was a time when an entire year (or 5) of your life would never be captured on film.  Then again, in today's world, maybe we would all be better off with a little less photographic evidence.

So here are the first photos from Reel 6.  Karen's first teaching job was in Hartford, Connecticut.  Here she is with her roommate in April 1965.

  These were taken June 27, 1965 at Elizabeth Park in Hartford. Mom, Dad and I were visiting Karen.

Karen, me, Mom

Karen and me

Dad and Mom

I will soon post the rest of Reel 6.

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