01 October 2011

Abbey Road

One thing I love about the Internet is access to trivial information. This can cause your mind to go completely numb but I think we eventually learn to tune out the unwanted factoids just like pop-up ads and marching bands parading across our screens.  But certain words or photos flash at me to take notice.  So when I saw Abbey Road listed on 'Today in History' I took notice.  'Abbey Road' was released in the US on October 1, 1969 (released on September 26, 1969 in the UK).  Forty-two years ago when I was 16.

I started dating Dan (1st 'real' boyfriend & current husband - a long story I will tell eventually) in early 1969.  We often double-dated with my best friend & his cousin (all part of the long story).  So when one of us got 'Abbey Road' we arranged a date to listen. Buying albums was not a casual thing in those days - you thought long and hard before making a selection.  Buying and listening to a new Beatle's album was a real occasion.  This date would have been later that Fall, on a Friday or Saturday night.  Dan's Dad and step-mother (another long, not so wonderful story) lived across the road from his grandparents who frequently went to their camp on weekends so many dates took place at their house.  There were rules to avoid being seen that involved parking down the road and walking through some fields to get to the house (often very cold and sometimes snowy - while wearing unlined suede moccasins).  Once in the house we couldn't turn on any lights.  We usually avoided the front of the house as it faced his Dad's but that's where the stereo was so to play 'Abbey Road' we had no choice.  There was also an aquarium which gave us a little light.  This was the dining room which had long windows almost to the floor - no standing allowed - sit down and stay down.  I remember listening, I remember each and every song, and that the 1st side was so different from the second.  We listened the first time for the music.  Then we listened again for any clues that supported the great 'Paul is Dead' legend.  It had been in existence for a while & there were clues on other albums but it became more than legend with Abbey Road - the cover photo told us all we needed to know.  We listened to a few songs backwards - I do not remember if this applied to any Abbey Road song but it was worth a try, and it was just silly to do.  Could a legend like that take root now that we have CDs?  And 24/7 entertainment news?  

This morning when I walked with Blackie & then with Lucy, I listened to Abbey Road - love my Ipod which is a minefield of memories.  [Odd coincidence tho it took place a few weeks ago.  I have 454 songs on my Ipod.  Without realizing it at first, the last song shuffle played for me was 'The End' - really? out of 454 songs?]  And now, in real time, when Dan & I sit on the back porch and we listen to the radio and a song from 'Abbey Road' plays, I stop and remember that the first time I heard it - first time we both heard it - we were less than a half mile from where we are now sitting.  How many people can say that?  Forty-two years later.  

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