16 October 2011

Peace Baby

It's time to introduce my amazing granddaughter.  And her equally awesome parents - my son, Gus, and his beautiful Meara.  This was taken at Thanksgiving last year before we knew if our gran'baby would be a girl or a boy.

The summer before, when having a baby was only a thought, we asked the usual 'do you want a boy or a girl' question.  Meara, her Mom, and I all voted for a boy.  Gus alone hoped for a girl.  It wouldn't be until months later, during the 20 week sonogram, when we knew that Gus would get his little girl.
But the most incredible thing we discovered during that sonogram was that she was going to be our Peace Baby.  This was the first picture taken by the technician.

She let us know that she was already embracing her hippie genes.  

From then on, let the preparations begin.  Gus painted :

And Meara made curtains :

And when the room was ready, Meara took care of my gran'baby.

Waiting to meet her wasn't easy.  And then she decided to be a week late.  And then she put her Mom and Dad through a very long day & night before making her appearance.  It was hard being on the other side of the country but Meara's Mom, Mary Ann, very generously kept in touch with me - grandmother to grandmother.  She sent this photo which she labeled 'dancing through the contractions'.  

Finally she arrived.  Mary Ann sent me these beautiful pictures of my very tired baby boy holding his new baby girl.

Here she is with her Mom

Meara's Dad, Mike, sent out the first announcement :
"Meara & Gus delivered Rosemary Jane at 3:06 am Tuesday July 12, 2011. She weighed 8 lbs 5 oz, was 20.25”   long, she had a 14.5” head and a 14.0” chest. She is beautiful with chocolate brown hair. She nurses like a champ. Her parents are worn out… it only gets better."
Here is the first photo Gus sent me of his baby on her fist day.
And here is Rosemary Jane day 2 while still in her hospital room with Mom and Dad.  

             Sleepy Rosie                                       Sleeping Rosie                                   Funny Face Rosie

Welcome Rosemary Jane - our little Peace Baby.

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