06 October 2011

Grammie & Friendly's

Last night on the local news there was a story about Friendly's going bankrupt & as a consequence would be closing 63 of 550 stores.  Friendly's started in Massachusetts as an ice cream store and eventually there were stores along the east coast that served basic burgers and sandwiches along with the ice cream.

Among the stores being closed is the one in Delmar N.Y. where I grew up, and where I lived with my first husband.  Our son was born there, and his Grammie (my Mom) loved taking her 'Jussy' (her name for Justin tho now he is Gus ...) to Friendly's.  What kid doesn't love a place that has grilled cheese sandwiches and special kid sundaes like the Cone Head :                                                                        
And the yummiest shake - the Friendly's Fribble :
So we went to Friendly's a lot.  Mom died years ago and Gus is now in Oregon where there are no Friendly's .  When I saw the news report I was sad to see 'our' store go.  Then I remembered all of the good times we had, and it is just so nice to remember my Mom when she was so happy with her Jussy. 

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