19 October 2011

Close Encounter

Like everything else, all of the rain seems to have made the birds and other critters adjust their habits to the environment.  Most of the apples seem to have fallen early but the higher grasses & wildflowers in the fields haven't been touched by frost yet so everything went to seed and the seeds are still abundant.  The birds are flitting around like they do in the early spring.  Some days I have seen up to 4 different deer and then a week or more goes by without seeing one.  This past Saturday was the start of bow season in this part of NY and the neighbors have been hunting.  Deer are remarkably smart and they become really skiddish so now when I see one it is usually on the move - most sightings are just of a white tail disappearing into the woods.  Today on my first walk with Blackie I was walking on the trail along the woods.  As usual Blackie had his nose down and was just following the scents - I saw him quite a distance ahead on the trail.  I was watching my feet because the mud makes walking slippery.  Suddenly - really suddenly - a small doe crashed thru the brush right in front of me.  I was startled and put my hand out in defense of whatever it might be.  She was so close my hand brushed her fur as she went by.  She stopped maybe 20 feet away - we looked at each other and off she went.  So cool.  Definitely my closest encounter with a critter in the field.

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