21 October 2011

Sky-blue-pink, Rare Moments of Sun & Fairy Ghost Updates

The day started with a beautiful sky-blue-pink sunrise.

From this beginning it rained during most of my first walk with Blackie.  Just as we were heading back over the hill to start back to the house, the sun came out blindingly through the clouds ahead of us - I looked back and it literally looked like the trees had burst into flame.

In the time it took to focus the camera slightly to the left the sun was mostly clear of the clouds.

And maybe 30 seconds later the sun was gone & you see the unadorned version of this same part of the field.

This was how it stayed the rest of the day - mostly dark grey clouds and occasional rain.  Much later in the day we had a burst of heavy rain followed almost immediately by an equally impressive burst of sun - it lit up the raindrops on the apple tree branches.

In addition to the odd on and off sun-rain-sun-rain, it got pretty windy while I walked with Lucy.  Apparently conditions were right for the Fairy Ghosts to fly off.   (http://ddramblings.blogspot.com/2011/10/fairy-ghosts.html)

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