03 February 2012

Friday Miscellany

I've started converting Reel #3 so here is an assortment of photos.

My sister Karen and her date on the way to their senior ball.  Not that you are keeping track but for the record there were some pictures of Karen at a senior ball in 1959 - that was her date's senior ball.  Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, this dress is the same one she wore to her junior prom in 1959.  It had cost an astronomical 35 dollars and she could only have it if she wore it for both occasions.

And here is Karen's graduation from Albany High School in June 1960.
Don't you just love the staged drama of this shot.

In August 1960 there was a Youth Caravan - teenagers from Youth Fellowships in other countries visited our church for a weekend. Each of the 4 kids stayed with families from our church - a boy from Hawaii stayed with us.  I would not post these pictures except they are the first ones I have converted of our house in Delmar - we moved there from Albany during the summer of 1960.  Here I am with my Mom, the visitor from Hawaii, Karen, and my brother Fred.
And here are all the visiting kids in our living room.  My sister, brother and I have recently been sharing memories and we all remember paint by number sets - very popular at that time.  Whenever one of us was sick, Mom would keep us quiet by bringing out a new set from some seemingly endless supply she had on hand.  Karen recalled there being framed 'paintings' over the couch in Delmar. Freddie and I could not remember that and could not believe it was true.  But here they are in all their carefully stay-within-the-lines beauty.    

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sophanne said...

Things I love- the wallpaper in pic 1, the drama in the grad shot and the couch in the final one.