28 February 2012

Happy 30th Birthday Baby Boy!

Today my sweet baby boy is 30 years old.  For 30 years my Gus has given me countless occasions
- to be proud beyond measure
- to laugh until I cried
- to marvel at his kindness and sensitivity
- to be thankful that he brought his beautiful and loving Meara into our family
- to see what he sees and to understand him better for that
- to make me want to be a better person because he deserves the best I can be
- to read a book I never would have found on my own
- to remember my Mom at her happiest making her 'Jussie' a grilled cheese sandwich
- to cheer his accomplishments and to respect the commitment and hard work that got him there
- to know how lucky his students are to have him as their teacher
- to be filled with joy when he calls me Momma 
- and of course, to experience the pure bliss of being Gromma to our Rosie

Happy Birthday my Sweetest Baby Boy!