14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have finally gotten back to converting the slides.  I'll post some of the photos now, and I will likely add more as the day goes on.

Last Thanksgiving (2011) I posted a photo of my family on Thanksgiving Day 1960.  That photo was made from a slide and I just uncovered 2 more taken that day.

This was the original group shot.

These are all the cousins in my age bracket with Uncle Henny. 

This photo was a treasure to find - the kids' table!  My sister Karen is 5 years older than any of the other cousins on my Dad's side so she was at the adult table.  Too bad for her because we all know that the kids' table rules.

The next slides were taken at the Youth Fellowship weekend retreat in Medusa, NY - August 1960.  On 1-18-2012 I posted some photos from the 1959 retreat (http://ddramblings.blogspot.com/2012/01/wednesday-miscellany.html

This must have been right before or after church as all of the girls are wearing skirts.  
Notice how nice all of the girls look in the above picture?  Even in cabins with no power and rudimentary group bathrooms with only cold water, the teen-aged girls made sure their hair was perfect.  Here is a shot of my cousin Peggy during morning meditation with a large scarf covering her hair rollers.

The following slides were taken behind my grandmother's house in Albany NY - August 1960.  This was a party for relatives visiting from Durham, North Carolina - definitely an occasion in those days. 

I love the cars in the background, and the webbed chairs - they would have been pretty modern in 1960.

The kids at the party.

Everyone at the party.

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