07 February 2012

Who are these people?

My sister just sent this picture.  We know it is a family reunion (Dad's side) and we know it was at Thompson's Lake, near Albany but we are not sure of the year.  I'm with Gus and his Dad (1st husband) and Gus is in his blonde stage so I'm pretty sure it is the late 80's.  Karen sent it to many of the cousins in the photo so no doubt the women with small babies will be able to give us an exact year.  I'm sure Karen can identify more of the participants than I can, though I do recognize quite a few.  But I have no clue who some of these people are - all are family and I was there so presumably I knew everyone at the time.  Let's hope the other cousins can help.

Here's another photo that my cousin Doreen sent while converting some of her old negatives.  She knows it was November or December 1975.  That makes me almost 23, recently out of college and haphazardly job hunting.  I also know this is my old neighborhood - across the street from our house.  What I don't know, what no one knows, is who the heck is the guy I am with.  We are obviously having a good time (though based on how my coat looks I am not winning the snowball fight).  This could be one of those mysteries I never solve.  All I can say is that you should always label your photos - because 30 or 40 years later you will drive yourself crazy wondering who's who.     

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