26 February 2012

Sunday Skyping with Rosie

Holy Stripes!  This is what happens when Daddy dresses Rosie.

Getting ready for some exercise.

It can't be captured in still photos but Rosie moved her arm and her knees.  Almost crawling!  

Rosie sure loves her Dad (in spite of the stripes).    

Gus got a hair cut and trimmed his beard for a more responsible look as he will turn 30 in two short days.
  As his Momma I objectively thinks he looks quite handsome, and responsible.


sophanne said...

Stripes with stripes. I believe she will start a new fashion trend. I like it!

Janet said...

Yes and, as her Mom pointed out, they are all in the same, least figure-flattering direction. Not every girl could carry off this fashion statement with the same poise as Rosie.