25 January 2012

And Finally It's 1960

I have been enjoying my slide conversion project but I find it interferes with other things - like cleaning my house.  So I have done some cleaning and cooking; and I converted just a few slides because I wanted to get started on 1960.

(Also, if you noticed that there are no Skyping with Rosie pictures this week it's because my sweet gran'baby, and her Dad were sick.  By Sunday they were feeling better but not great.  Rather than tire her out any more we opted for napping instead of Skyping.  I'm hoping everyone is healthy next Sunday.)

April 1st in NY is opening day of trout fishing season.  My Dad and uncles would go fishing every year on that day.  These pictures from April 1, 1960 are less for the fishing factor than for the great diner they went to for breakfast.  And the car - I think a late 1950's Plymouth Suburban Station Wagon.

Apparently when Dad came home my brother Fred and I got into his fishing clothes.  This one I include just for the silly factor.

Here are a few photos from Easter, April 17, 1960.
Cousin Doreen, friend Nancy, and sister Karen 
Freddie, me and Karen behind our Albany house.