12 January 2012

Thursday Miscellany

I have finally finished converting the first reel of slides.  Here's another sampling of the first 89 photos.

My sister Karen (in pink) and friends on their way to the Senior Ball.  June 19, 1959.

Every summer we went to Cossayuna Lake for 3 weeks.  All of these photos were taken while we were there in July 1959.  The camp was pretty rustic - no fancy amenities but I have never been as happy living anywhere else.
The kitchen was the heart of the cabin.
  The outhouse was a two-seater.  Not sure why - I can't recall ever having a buddy in there.

My (Great) Aunt Edie reading me the funnies.

I love this picture of my Mom and me.

A wonderful picture of my (Great) Aunt Edie, my Mom's father and mother, and my Dad's mother.  My Dad's father died when I was 2 so sadly I never really knew him.

Apparently people spent a lot of time in the water that summer - unintended time in the water.
Here's my brother Fred after falling off the dock.

Mom getting out of the boat.
Mom falling out of the boat.

Cousin Johnny hated waking up early.  So this day my Dad got him out of bed, carried him to the dock, and threw him into the water.  Here he is in his red striped pajamas. 

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