09 January 2012

Monday Miscellany

While I'm converting the slides, my sister & my cousin are scanning old photographs.

Here's a picture of me and my sister Karen at her wedding shower - 1968.
 The photographer for Karen's wedding had a nervous breakdown (not sure if it was during or just after the wedding) - consequently there are no professional photos of the occasion.  Whenever a photo surfaces, it's a small treasure - here's one Cousin Doreen recently found.  Too bad the color is so washed out - the bridesmaids dresses were a beautiful shade of green.  June 1968
I've scanned maybe 20 of the slides - lots to go.  Here is Karen dressed for her Junior Prom - May 16, 1959.
Here is my brother Fred (2nd in from the left) along with cousins Johnny, Henry, Gail and Peggy at their 1st Communion - all age 11 or 12.  May 24,1959 
  Me and my brother Fred at our house in Albany.  May 24,1959

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