31 January 2012

The Slide Conversion Continues

I have just finished converting the last 2 events on Reel #2.

The first set of photos are from the annual church Alter Guild presentation of a minstrel show - May 20, 1960.  I will only include the portion of the Li'l Abner part of the show.  Li'l Abner was first a newspaper comic strip by Al Capp that ran from 1943 to 1977.  It was based in the fictional town of Dogpatch and featured a clan of hillbillies.  In 1956 there was a Broadway musical based on the comic strip, and that was adapted by the ladies of the Alter Guild.  As if a play about hillbillies wasn't embarrassing enough there was also a traditional minstrel show which featured the church ladies in blackface.  I will not post those pictures because what was considered acceptable entertainment in 1960 is blatantly offensive today - and thankfully so.
   That's my Mom in the red tights and green skirt.

The last photos on Reel #2 are from yet another Armed Forces Day at the Watervliet Arsenal in May 1960 - my Dad was Chief of Operations for many years at the Arsenal which is the main reason we went to this yearly event.  Personally I find these pictures of my brother Fred and me as offensive as the ones from the minstrel show.  I'm not sure if I became a peace-loving hippie because of, or in spite of this.

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