18 January 2012

Wednesday Miscellany

I've started to convert Reel #2 of the slides.  The first batch on that reel are of church camp in Medusa, NY.  There was a weekend retreat every summer.  These pictures are from August 1959.  Normally I would have been too young to go but my parents were both there, as well as my brother and the other kids in his confirmation class.

Here are the cooks - including my Mom, Aunt Edie and Grammie Clas. 
We walked down a long hill to go to church on Sunday morning.  On the way back we stopped at the general store for candy and whatever goodies we could carry.

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sophanne said...

What I love about these pictures most is that they are real. Not some movie set images designed to look like that time and place. They are real and also a little surreal to one born in 1965- in the "it really looked like that." kind of way. Thank you so much for sharing them.